/Body Scanner Image Interpretation Course (BSIIC)
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Body Scanner Image Interpretation Course (BSIIC)

7 modules


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The Body Scanner Image Interpretation Course (BSIIC) developed by X-Ray Imaging Solutions was designed to educate correctional officers on contraband detection within the human body using low dose full body transmission X-ray systems. Considering the key factors involved in X-ray imaging such as object density, contrast, and grayscale along with discussing and reviewing specific anatomical regions relating to contraband smuggling, the BSIIC has been specifically tailored for the corrections industry resulting in better trained officers and a safer, more secure environment. This course is offered as a live, online instructor-led training, covering the topics listed below in a 2-hour class. An exam for proof of proficiency and a certificate of training is provided upon completion, satisfying requirements for officers using the body scanner system according to the ANSI N43:17 2009 federal standard.


XRIS Body Scanner Image Interpretation Course (BSIIC) Introduction

4 attachments • 4 mins


BSIIC Course Introduction

Liability Disclaimer

Liability Disclaimer Consent

Body Scanner Operator Training

15 attachments • 1 hrs

Brief History of X-Rays (1)

Brief History of X-Rays (2)

Brief History of X-Rays (3)

Brief History of X-Rays (4)

Brief History of X-Rays (5)

Brief History of X-Rays (6)

What is a Body Scanner?

Projection Methods

Pre-Operational Inspection

Scanning Procedures

Software Examples

Anatomical Position

Malfunctions and Errors

Operator Training Review

Operator Exam

BSIIC - Section 1

8 attachments • 19 mins

Learning Objectives

Section 1 Intro / Learning Objectives

EMS & Ionization

NRC Safety Principles


Operator Safety

Section 1 Review

Section 1 Review

BSIIC - Section 2

10 attachments • 26 mins


Learning Objectives

Section 2 Intro / Learning Objectives

Technique Factors

Technique Selection

Object Density

Contrast & Grayscale

Absorption & Scatter

Section 2 Review

Section 2 Review

BSIIC - Section 3

15 attachments • 39 mins


Learning Objectives

Section 3 Intro / Learning Objectives

Digestive Tract Overview

Digestion & Peristaltic Motion



Small Intestines

Large Intestines


Anal Canal

Vaginal Canal

Body Habitus & Air / Fluid Levels

Section 3 Review

Section 3 Review

BSIIC - Section 4

13 attachments • 44 mins


Learning Objectives

Section 4 Intro / Learning Objectives

ABC's of Contraband Detection

Image Quality, Filters, and Medical Artifacts

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Case Study 4

Additional Examples

Section 4 Review

Section 4 Review

Final Thoughts

Course Summary

5 attachments • 1 hrs

Course Summary

Exam Instructions

Exam Instructions Continued

Exam Terms, Conditions, and Policies Acknowledgement

BSIIC 2023 Certification Exam

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